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Liquid Control Diesel Turbine Flow Meters Hydraulic Oil Flow Meter 4-20mA

Place of Origin CHINA
Brand Name VOTESEN
Certification CE
Model Number VTF600
Minimum Order Quantity 1
Price USD 110~1000 PER SET
Packaging Details Standard export packaging
Delivery Time 5-10 working days
Payment Terms T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram,Paypal
Supply Ability 10000 set/month
Product Details
Product Name Hydraulic Oil Flow Meter Type Variable Water Oil Fuel Flowmeters
Pipe Diameter DN4~DN200mm Medium Temperature (-20-80)℃ / Customize Max To 150°C
Accuracy 1% Material Stainless Steel
High Light

liquid control Turbine Flow Meters


hydraulic oil turbine Flow Meters


hydraulic oil flow meter 4 20mA

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Product Description

liquid control diesel hydraulic oil turbine flow meter

I. Overview

Turbine flowmeter is composed of turbine flow sensor and display instrument. It is manufactured by our factory using foreign technology. It is one of the ideal flowmeters for liquid flow. The flowmeter has the characteristics of simple structure, high accuracy, easy installation, maintenance and use. The product is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, water supply, papermaking, environmental protection, food and other fields. It is suitable for measuring in closed pipelines with stainless steel 1Cr18Ni9Ti, 2Cr13, corundum Al2O3, cemented carbide and no corrosion, and no fibers, particles, etc. Impurity liquid. If used in conjunction with a display instrument with special functions, it can be used for automatic quantitative control, overweight alarm and other purposes;



2. Product features:
■ The sensor is a hard alloy bearing thrust type, which not only guarantees accuracy, but also improves wear resistance;
■ The structure is simple, firm and easy to disassemble and assemble;
■ Wide measuring range, low flow rate at the lower limit;
■ Small pressure loss, good repeatability, high accuracy, and the impeller has anti-corrosion function;
■ Have high anti-electromagnetic interference and anti-vibration ability;


3. Working principle:
The fluid flows through the sensor housing. Because the blades of the impeller have a certain angle with the flow direction, the impulse of the fluid makes the blades have a rotational moment. After overcoming the friction torque and fluid resistance, the blades rotate. After the torque is balanced, the speed is stable. Under certain conditions, The speed is proportional to the flow rate. Because the blade is magnetically permeable, it is in the magnetic field of the signal detector (composed of permanent magnets and coils). The rotating blade cuts the magnetic lines of force, periodically changing the magnetic flux of the coil, so that both ends of the coil are changed. The electric pulse signal is induced, and the signal is amplified and reshaped by the amplifier to form a continuous rectangular pulse wave with a certain amplitude, which can be transmitted to the display instrument remotely to display the instantaneous flow rate and flow rate of the fluid. Cumulative amount. Within a certain flow range, the pulse frequency f is proportional to the instantaneous flow Q of the fluid flowing through the sensor, and the flow equation is: Q=3600×f/k
f——pulse frequency [Hz];
k——The meter coefficient of the sensor
Q——The instantaneous flow rate of fluid (under working condition) [m3/h];
3600-conversion factor;
The meter coefficient of each sensor is filled in the verification certificate by the manufacturer, and the k value is set in the matching display instrument to display the instantaneous flow and cumulative total;


4. Main technical performance:
■ Nominal diameter: DN4-DN200mm
■ Medium temperature: (-20-80)℃, (-20-120)℃, (-20-150)℃;
■ Environmental temperature: (-20-55)℃;
■ Accuracy grade: ±0.2%, ±0.5%, ±1%;
■ Output signal: voltage pulse, 4~20mA two-wire system;
■ Power supply: Sensor: +5V~+24VDC (external) Transmitter: +24VDC (external), flow meter: 3.0V lithium battery (built-in)
■ Display mode: on-site display, high-definition liquid crystal display simultaneously displays instantaneous flow (4 significant digits) and cumulative flow (8 significant digits, with clearing function). All valid data will be kept for 10 years after power failure.
■ Body material: 304, 316L;
■ Impeller material: 2Cr13 (titanium-plated treatment, dual-phase steel)
■ Bearing material: hard alloy;
■ Connection mode: thread, flange, flange clamp, sanitary clamp interface;
■ Flange Standard: National Standard
■ Working pressure: 1.6~42MPa (10-42MPa high pressure needs to be customized);
■ Protection level: IP65; explosion-proof level: ExdIICT6Gb;



Liquid Control Diesel Turbine Flow Meters Hydraulic Oil Flow Meter 4-20mA 0Liquid Control Diesel Turbine Flow Meters Hydraulic Oil Flow Meter 4-20mA 1Liquid Control Diesel Turbine Flow Meters Hydraulic Oil Flow Meter 4-20mA 2