Temperature Sensor Industry Analysis and Forecast

October 28, 2021

Votesen believe that temperature is a physical value that accompanies the development and progress of our society. We will need to measure and control temperature changes in production, scientific research, and in daily life. The various types of temperature sensors manufactured by our Votesen factory will help you to complete the process of temperature measurement and control.

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In recent years, Votesen has realized that with the modernization of the social industry and the continuous rapid development of the electronic information industry, the sensor industry has entered a period of rapid growth. As an important type of sensor, the demand for temperature sensors has accounted for more than 40% of the total demand for sensors. Votesen will further increase investment and development in the temperature sensor industry in the next 5 years, so that we can better meet the various opportunities and demand in the future market.


At present, Votesen temperature sensor has been widely used in temperature measurement and control, temperature compensation, flow and wind speed measurement, liquid level indication, household appliances, automobiles, biomedicine, industry and other fields. The development of our company's temperature sensor has roughly gone through the following three stages:

(1) Traditional discrete temperature sensor

(2) Analog integrated temperature sensor 

(3) Intelligent temperature sensor


At present, our main temperature sensor technologies, such as thermocouples, thermal resistance temperature sensors and digital thermometers, have been developed quite mature, and can be used in most scenarios. However there are still many fields, such as in high-technology fields, the application also needs our further development and improvement. Therefore, we are willing to work with partners from different industries to develop more new temperature sensors, as well as special and practical temperature measurement technology to meet more application needs. We believe that with the continuous development and innovation of production technology, various types of new temperature sensors will continue to emerge.


Votesen believe that the temperature sensor industry is developing rapidly from analog to digital, from integrated to intelligent and networked, and the development of virtual sensors and network sensors, the development of single-chip temperature measurement systems and other high-technology directions. The development of intelligent temperature sensors is bound to become a trend, and its development will solve more temperature measurement problems. Nowadays, in terms of intelligent temperature sensors, we still have a lot of room for development. We firmly believe that with the advancement of science and technology, more advanced and smart temperature sensors will enter our lives, making our world more efficient and easy.